• Structure in Perception and Cognition Lab, University of California, Irvine. Undergraduate Thesis: Efficacy of Composing and Performing Music in Drug Rehabilitation (2020 - 2022)The research aims to understand that individual differences, such as music production, may affect participants' recovery progression in treatment facilities better to support those with substance use disorder (SUD). Thesis Advisor, Dr. Jeffrey Rouder


  • Auditory & Language Neuroscience Lab, University of California Irvine. Undergraduate Thesis: Assessing emotional processing in adults with an autism spectrum disorder (2021 - 2022). The research aims to investigate whether subjects with autism spectrum disorder express a different musical scale sensitivity and if the perception of emotion in speech are separate or interrelated process, with a potential implication for speech therapy interventions to train emotion discrimination in these domains. Thesis Advisor, Dr. Gregory Hickok


  • Cognition Lab, Cal Poly Humboldt. Master Thesis: Mode of Communication in a Joint-Rhythm Task on Brain Synchronization and Stress (2023)(In progress) The research aims to understand the neural and biological mechanisms influencing participants in prerecorded or live-online music conditions. It might provide a generalized model when designing future educational courses and platforms, which could benefit the necessity for human interaction for prospective human isolations due to pandemics, environmental disasters, and wars. Thesis Advisor, Dr. Kauyumari Sanchez 


  • Behavioral Endocrinology Research Lab (BERL), Cal Poly HumboldtGraduate Student Researcher (2022 - 2023). Focusing on neuroendocrinological factors influencing social perceptions and behavior. I aim to understand neural mechanisms of Cuteness Aggression related to reward processing and emotional salience and how they relate to feeling overwhelmed and caretaking. Principal Investigator, Dr. Amanda Hahn


  • Under Review: Effects of Cleft Lip on Visual Scanning and Neural Processing of Infant Faces" by Hahn, Amanda; Riedelsheimer, Juergen A; Royer, Zöe; Frederick, Jeffrey; Kee, Rachael; Crimmins, Rhiannon; Huber, Bernd; Harris, David; Jantzen, Kelly J (2023). Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.




Poster Presentations

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